I always loved to play table tennis – since my childhood I have played the game and enjoyed every bit of it.

play ping pong

My hectic schedule these days has certainly limited my time spent in playing the game, but I still try to find much time possible, so that I can practice the game. My friends come over at home during the weekends. We usually do not watch television or chit-chat; it is always a game of table tennis which attracts us.

If you are reading the article, it surely means, you have certain interest in the game. Do you like playing table tennis like me? Well, I have several happy memories of my school days, when I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to play the game. Those days, we were not financially as sound as I am today. My dad couldn’t afford the good ping pong paddle for me. I had several cheaper varieties of the paddle and was certainly very happy with whatever I had.

There were days, when I played so much that my paddle simply wouldn’t last long. In fact, I knew my dad wouldn’t get me a new one because I had broken the paddle, way too early. I didn’t mind those times – I simply wanted to play and enjoy the game. So, all that I would do was to borrow a ping pong paddle from my friends. I practiced the game lots. Whenever I had time, I would spend playing the game. I felt happier and healthier after a session of the game.

Soon, things started turning for the good. As they say, hard work is always rewarded and so I was. Though, I did not have many expectations and never believed that I could play really well, things started looking up, when my sports teacher recognized by talent. There were several students playing the game, but the selectors found me to be the most promising and enthusiastic.

I was given special coaching and just in a few months I was representing my school in several tournaments. I can proudly say that I have won many laurels for my schools. Those were the golden days of my life. Finally, I was presented the best ping pong paddle of my life. It was certainly the happiest day of my life, when I had the paddle in my hand.

In the later years, I played a number of games which included kite surfing but Ping continued to be my favorite game. I still play the game at home. In my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, I still find a way to play the game. I am amazed by the opportunities youngsters get these days to train. Ping pong robot is something which has always amazed me. Youngsters have the best training when they play with a ping pong robot. Have you ever had the opportunity to play with the ping pong robot? If you have – I must say, you are really lucky, because I never had this privilege during my training days.

Ping pong can actually bring in a lot of positivity and health benefits in your life. It is not just a game for fun and entertainment. This is a health booster, which you should never busy. Do you know how a game of ping pong can help your health?

  • Research reveals that those who play ping pong at least sixty minutes a day have a fit body. They are able to lose weight quickly. Calorie burning can never be as fun and entertaining. It is a great way of losing fat.
  • The game helps in boosting your concentration level. Since, it is a fast paced game, the player needs to focus a lot on the game. With continuous focus, your concentration level is definitely going to improve.
  • This is one of the few games which helps in improving your reflex action. If hand and eye coordination has always been a problem for you, you can try the game of ping pong.
  • This is the game which helps in improving your body balance. Try it and you will realize the difference.

If you have never played the game, I suggest, you give it a try. You are not going to regret it.