So you want to kitesurf?

You have come to the right place.

My quest is to get you up and kitesurfing. This site will help you prepare for your first kitesurfing lessons and help you to teach yourself to kitesurf after you have completed your lessons from a qualified instructor enhancing your experience in the water.

Don’t give up.

I will be sharing every bit of my 13 years of teaching/riding experience and endless passion for free!

A brief description about me, the author.

I am about to embark on my life long dream to kitesurf at all the best locations in the world and find new mind blowing spots, this is mainly being funded by my kitesurfing lessons and I want to document everything so I can help as many people with accurate and up to date information as well as record my experiences so I can remember this epic journey.

I am currently teaching in the UK and winter is fast approaching. The adventure begins in Langebaan, near Cape Town in South Africa where I plan to move on to (in no particular order and I am open to suggestions:) New Zealand, South America, Hawaii, SE Asia, The Caribbean, Polynesia, California, Canada and also the Alps and similar for obligatory snowkiting.

I have been kite surfing since almost the beginning, 1999 I was living in the endlessly windy Canary islands and I stumbled across power kites that could pick you up, a cult was formed of kite jumping and this inspired me to purchase a Flexifoil Super 10 Stacker in the hope of bounding across rivers and huge sand dunes in a single leap, ok so this wasnt the case, one large leap too many ending up to a trip to casualty and a broken leg. This was no good, there must be a better way to feed my new addiction – cue the dude I watched fly past my window while living in my seafront flat in Sandgate, Kent UK. My jaw dropped. Intermediately  thinking why  f*** didn’t I think of that? I was utterly inspired. It was a miserable rainy day, the sea looked awful and here was a guy having the time of his life, flying 40ft through the air and carving mushy waves into beautiful rooster tails. I decided there and then I was going to learn to kitesurf.

13 years on and my addiction is more uncontrollable than ever, you would of thought the novelty would of worn off wouldnt you? No chance, kitesurfing is the fastest growing sport in the world, its pace is gathering momentum as more people discover its freedom and it is moving in so many different directions. If you get bored of cruising, try some freestyle tricks, wave riding, old school big air, speed racing, wakestyle, downwind adventures, really I could go on and on. This sport is phenomenal. It is as exhilarating as you want to make it or as relaxed as a comfy chair with the best view in the world. It is all things to all men and women, which is pretty awesome in my humble opinion.

I started teaching back in 2007 and became a senior instructor for the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) in 2009, I have recently qualified as an instructor for the International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) and get as much pleasure from helping newbies up on their boards as I do from boosting my own 40ft airs off the back of moving masses of water.

I will update regularly as I love what I do and want to share with you all the mistakes that I have made and all the tips and tricks I have learned from some amazing instructors to get you up and running as well as to try and inspire you and myself to mix it up and try new stuff, push out of our comfort zones continue progressing to stop us going stale and giving up.  As…..

Kitesurfing is life changing.

So sit back and relax.  I got your kitesurfing back covered. I really want you to get the most out of my site and experience the same joy, me and a few hundred thousand other people who call themselves kitesurfers get every time we have a “expression session”.

Please share all the cool stuff I post from other sites that are awesome, comment and ask me questions, I want to be of value to you, that is my goal.

See you on the water 🙂