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Do You Like Table Tennis Like Me? After Kitesurfing

I always loved to play table tennis – since my childhood I have played the game and enjoyed every bit of it.

play ping pong

My hectic schedule these days has certainly limited my time spent in playing the game, but I still try to find much time possible, so that I can practice the game. My friends come over at home during the weekends. We usually do not watch television or chit-chat; it is always a game of table tennis which attracts us.

If you are reading the article, it surely means, you have certain interest in the game. Do you like playing table tennis like me? Well, I have several happy memories of my school days, when I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to play the game. Those days, we were not financially as sound as I am today. My dad couldn’t afford the good ping pong paddle for me. I had several cheaper varieties of the paddle and was certainly very happy with whatever I had.

There were days, when I played so much that my paddle simply wouldn’t last long. In fact, I knew my dad wouldn’t get me a new one because I had broken the paddle, way too early. I didn’t mind those times – I simply wanted to play and enjoy the game. So, all that I would do was to borrow a ping pong paddle from my friends. I practiced the game lots. Whenever I had time, I would spend playing the game. I felt happier and healthier after a session of the game.

Soon, things started turning for the good. As they say, hard work is always rewarded and so I was. Though, I did not have many expectations and never believed that I could play really well, things started looking up, when my sports teacher recognized by talent. There were several students playing the game, but the selectors found me to be the most promising and enthusiastic.

I was given special coaching and just in a few months I was representing my school in several tournaments. I can proudly say that I have won many laurels for my schools. Those were the golden days of my life. Finally, I was presented the best ping pong paddle of my life. It was certainly the happiest day of my life, when I had the paddle in my hand.

In the later years, I played a number of games which included kite surfing but Ping continued to be my favorite game. I still play the game at home. In my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, I still find a way to play the game. I am amazed by the opportunities youngsters get these days to train. Ping pong robot is something which has always amazed me. Youngsters have the best training when they play with a ping pong robot. Have you ever had the opportunity to play with the ping pong robot? If you have – I must say, you are really lucky, because I never had this privilege during my training days.

Ping pong can actually bring in a lot of positivity and health benefits in your life. It is not just a game for fun and entertainment. This is a health booster, which you should never busy. Do you know how a game of ping pong can help your health?

  • Research reveals that those who play ping pong at least sixty minutes a day have a fit body. They are able to lose weight quickly. Calorie burning can never be as fun and entertaining. It is a great way of losing fat.
  • The game helps in boosting your concentration level. Since, it is a fast paced game, the player needs to focus a lot on the game. With continuous focus, your concentration level is definitely going to improve.
  • This is one of the few games which helps in improving your reflex action. If hand and eye coordination has always been a problem for you, you can try the game of ping pong.
  • This is the game which helps in improving your body balance. Try it and you will realize the difference.

If you have never played the game, I suggest, you give it a try. You are not going to regret it.

First things first – Site assesment

Site Assessment is the key to your kitesurfing success


Ok, so first things first, here is your crash course. After you have had your first lessons before we even get a kite out of a bag or put on a wet suit we purchase kitesurfing insurance,

If you are in the UK go to www.britishkitesports.org  if you are elsewhere in the world then visit www.ikointl.com/

We are then ready to look cool in our kitesurfing hoodies and do a site assessment to check out our location. We do this if its our first visit or our home beach and any kitesurfer who is any good will do this as through many years of experience you will save time, effort and most importantly injury to yourself and others.

So what is the most important aspect of kitesurfing?

The wind. With out it, Kitesurfing simply wouldn’t exist. What do we want to know about the wind? Its speed, direction and the forecast for what its going to do. Why do we need to know this?  Kitesurfiung today is no longer an extreme sport, it is now been downgraded to an adventure sport so if you follow a few basic rules its as safe as houses. However in strong winds for experienced kitesurfers it becomes a different sport again and is super extreme. The flip side is not enough wind and you wont be able to kitesurf, too much wind and you could easily injure yourself and others as a learner and could be put off easily. The wrong direction and you will be blown out to sea, the wrong forecast and you could be stuck out to sea.

Its better to be on the beach wishing you were out to sea than out to sea wishing you were on the beach.

Trust me on that one.

Imagine the scene, you are super excited, you have bought crispy new kites, you rock up at a beach and you rush to pump up your gear with out doing a five minute site assessment, the results can be anything from expensive, unbelievably frustrating and ultimately horrific.

Lets keep this simple, here’s what you do.

  1. Get a forecast. check http://www.xcweather.comor http://www.windfinder.com you need to know if a storm is coming or the wind is dropping or lightning is coming. If in doubt don’t go out.
  2. Always kitesurf in ONSHORE winds, that means the wind is coming from the sea to the land. If you turn your back to the wind, you should be looking at land. Cross shore is best. Directly onshore and cross shore have risks like pulling you straight to land or not blowing you back to shore if you are in trouble. Cross shore is ideal. If in doubt don’t go out.
  3.  Wind strength. 10 – 20 MPH for learning. its highly important you learn how to judge the wind speed. If you don’t feel confident with this, buy a wind meter, your iPhone has a basic app that will help but there are many tell tale signs to look out for. White horses or white caps on the sea are good news, large waves breaking out to sea are not, sand being picked up and blown generally means its too windy. The easiest option here is to keep the spirit of kitesurfing alive, speak to someone who is already kitesurfing or setting up as 99.99% of kitesurfers are awesome and will be more than happy to advise you on what kite to put up, if there is no one on the beach look to the skies and see the size of their kites printed on the kite. these days anything around a 12 meter is light wind, anything under a 9 meter is too windy for learners (this is a very general rule and will be covered later). If in doubt don’t go out.
  4.  The beach. Have you got enough space? 3 kite line lengths downwind of obstacles minimum.  What is down wind of you? Meaning what obsticles are infront of you if your back is to the wind? Is there groins, sea defenses, rocks, fences, cars, people etc etc etc I could go on. When you are learning you will be doing the “walk of shame”a lot, get used to it, enjoy it. You will not be coming back to the same place you started from as this is the holy grail in learning to kitesurf and will take months to master so if you have rocks a few hundred meters down wind move to another beach which is clear unless you want to do a rocky kind of snake dance or get dragged across them, its so dangerous. Not to mention getting your crispy new kite ripped up and your little toes cut open. Stick to wide open sandy beaches. If in doubt don’t go out.
  5. The public and other kitesurfers. This is a biggie. before you attempt your first session with out the aid of an instructor, be brave go and speak to other kitesurfers, team up with other learners, we were all learners. Keep well away from the public, always be polite and courteous as we need the public on our side and it is so much cooler that way. Give them the most space, talk to them, communicate, explain that it can be dangerous, move out of their way, wait for them to pass, be patient. Other kitesurfers are relatively easy to deal with, there are rules of the road which will be covered later as well as lots of kite launching etiquette and safety but for today’s tip just go down wind of everyone. Simple. Your going to have to do the walk of shame, so you don’t want to get in everyone’s way and you don’t want people busting out their new wake-style tricks in front of you while you master your first board starts. It all come down to making sure you pick the right beach. If in doubt don’t go out.

Remember this……..

When you are learning you want light, consistent winds and big slow kites in shallow water. Anything other and your enjoyment will be lessened and your progression will be painfully slow.

Get it right though and you will experience a deep sense of euphoria 🙂

Read: Kitesurfing Fitness

Kitesurfing Fitness2

Kitesurfing Fitness – First step, diet.

Kitesurfing Fitness

Kitesurfing is not a physically demanding sport unless you want it to be. Cruising across the sea sat comfortably in a harness using the tips of fingers to control your wing is almost effortless. Do not let anyone tell you any different. However the flip side is that you can make it seriously extreme by going out in strong winds and unhooking, in simple terms unhooking the control bar from your comfortable harness, riding the kite and swinging like a trapeze, the attraction is more freedom, being fully extended and spinning feels just incredible, it is also good for your back and shoulders to be stretched, the consideration is the landings, when you are pushing your limits landing can be like hitting a brick wall but don’t let this put you off as we can get away with metaphorical murder compared to other sports. Nearly every other extreme sport when you take a big fall, you are going to break bones,  rip flesh and smash your head open. Think MotoX, mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, snow boarding, a bad day is hospitalization or worse but in kitesurfing if you are relatively safe, if you practice just simple common sense, leave plenty of room, build up to your tricks, wear protective gear and are fit, a drop on your face from the sky at serious speed is nothing worse than a slap in the face, a winding and dented pride. One of the local hero’s at my local beach who is a national downhill mountain bike contender reckons that kitesurfing accidents are, and I quote “sexual”. Occasionally the water can take your breath away due to an impact in your nether regions but this is quite rare and mainly down to the highly addictive activity of kiteloops which I will cover in another post.

In order to have the most fun from Kitesurfing and to progress even if you are just going cruising and your main goal is just to ride, chill out, suck in the scenery, hang out with friends, meet others or just be a part of something amazing you could do yourself no harm by getting a little bit fitter. Great news, the bi product of this is living longer which means more sunrise/sunset sessions, more of everything that you really enjoy out of life, keeping fit is the ultimate win win situation for you.

So where do you start?

Diet. Simple. Fitness is 80% what you eat and drink and only 20% working out. First things first, sort your diet out. You dont have to be an angel here but from seeing hundreds of people struggle with board starts because they have a belly and struggle getting their legs up to their chest in the water will stops progression and can turn something awesome into a chore.

I have been training for many years and studied diet as a huge part of all my other sports, I have kitesurfed across the English channel in an unofficial world record (the camera crew were sick and had to stop filming as it was so rough but that’s in another post) so here is what I know in a nut shell, as concise as I can keep it for you to be able to be better prepared for teaching yourself to kitesurf.

Drink more water, dont eat carbs (no chips, pies etc) in the evening, be prepared, get your shopping sorted, keeping fit starts in the supermarket, buy non processed food that is wholesome and good for you, realize that you are going to get peckish, take healthy snacsk with you everywhere like fruit, nuts and one of my favorites peanut butter, honey on rice cakes. Eat a big breakfast everyday, the old saying eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a porper in the evening, drink lemon juice in the morning to kick start your metabolism, drink only water during the day, cut out stimulants, cut back on meat, cut out sugar entirely, don’t touch anything low cal or fat free as sweeteners are death on a stick.

Ok so I really could go on, I am super passionate about diet after seeing the massive benefits in my life from changing my diet like seeing my riding improve, having more energy, being better at work, having more time, looking better, feeling smug, massive endophine and ceretonin realeases that make you feel epic! etc etc etc

Now no one is perfect so you will be glad to know that your body loves cheat days. So when your diet is consistently sorted and you have weened yourself off everything bad, not only will everything in your life improve but you will also be able to indulge in the world famous cheat day, yes, eat as much you want and what ever you want. Woo Hoo! How could anyone not love a cheat day, all the chocolate, chips, kebabs and sweets you can fit in your cake hole in a day and its good for you. Yes if you are strict then your body can get used to so much good food that it needs to process some junk, plus as an added benefit your brains happiness receptors will be in seventh heaven so you will feel great too and not guilty either, another clear win win.

All in all its not rocket science, a little bit of planning,  preparation, extra investment in some quality food will help you learn to kitesurf quicker. Fact. Once you get in to it almost every aspect of you life will improve too how brilliant is that?

Ride harder, go bigger and go for longer. Simple.

Click on the picture below for a summary of how to structure your diet.

Kitesurfing Fitness1

Right now you have made some small but positive changes to your diet.

Duco Maritime

Duco Maritime

Duco Maritime Company and Kite Surfing In Dubai

How often have you gazed longingly at the very energetic kite-surfers and secretly wished, if you had the opportunity to try it? Kite surfing is one of the most popular sporting activities of Dubai and the neighboring areas. Tourists as well as the locals take part in this recreational activity with lots of passion and fun.

Do you wish to learn kite surfing in Dubai?

Duco MaritimeDuco Maritime is the company, which can help you fulfill your dream of learning kite surfing.

Kite Surfing Courses:

If you are really interested in learning kite surfing, you need a qualified instructor. Never try to learn it all by yourself. There are many people who try this themselves and this is one of the many reasons why we hear so many scary stories related to kite surfing.

Duco Maritime believes in a safe learning with all the safety precautions. The company offers lessons for surfers in the beaches of Dubai, RAK and Abu Dhabi. If needed and there is a request, the company can also teach in other beaches of the region as well.

Kite Surfing In Dubai

Those who are keen to learn kite-surfing can sign up in the different courses offered by the company. Classes take place everyday, in the beaches of RAK, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Getting trained by experts is all that is needed to learn kite-surfing. Duco Maritime has the best team of experts who are fully qualified and experienced professionals, who will make learning an easy process. Anyone can join the courses, from the age of 10 years.

There are three types of courses offered by the Duco Maritime Company. This includes:

  • Introductory
  • Standard
  • Kite Clinic

For all those who love sports and adventure and looking forward to kite surfing, need to get in touch with Duco Maritime and know more about the different courses on offer.

Kite Surfing and Its Increasing Popularity in UAE

In the UAE, kite surfing is a popular activity, especially in Dubai. Visitors and locals, take part in this exciting water sport activity with equal enthusiasm. The stunning long beaches along with the favorable winds are just ideal for kite surfing. Dubai is one of the few locations of the world, where people crowd the beaches in hundreds to take part in the popular activity.

The best aspect of kite surfing in Dubai is that it is quite portable. There are several kite surfing regions or destinations in UAE. This is often referred to a sport which is exceedingly addictive. Anyone who has tried kite surfing understanding the fun and entertainment it provides. No wonder there are thousands of people who love kite surfing and visit the many destinations in search of fun and adventure.

The Best Time for Kite Surfing:

The best time for kite surfing in the region is from December to April. This is the time when the winds are strongest. During noon, the winds are at the highest and towards the evening they tend to subside. Dubai is usually sunny throughout the year. It is quite humid and hot in the summer months. The beaches are quite crowded on public holidays and on the weekends. This is the time when kite surfing is not allowed in many places.

Dubai and Sporting Activities:

Dubai is the place where you can enjoy a number of sporting events. Endurance riding is a popular traditional sport of Dubai, which is about long distance horseback racing.

Here are some of the most popular sports:

Table Tennis

Ping Pong Dubai is the famous non profit community which has the objective of popularizing the game of table tennis. It encourages people to play the game. Dubai is now the sponsor of the Chinese Table tennis team.


One of the most popular activities, this is enjoyed by the tourists and locals alike. This is truly a unique adventure sport, which is about jumping from an altitude of 4000 meters. It is definitely not for the faint hearted, but offers an experience of a lifetime. One gets a breathtaking view of Dubai skyline, as the free fall is enjoyed. Within a minute the instructor opens the parachute and the descent gets smooth.

Dune Bashing

This is a popular extreme sport in Dubai. It is vastly popular among the tourists who desire to feel their adrenal gush, as the vehicle they are riding, crashes down the sand dunes. Dune bashing can be enjoyed in the evening or the morning sessions. Dune bashing is a sport which is unique to this region and should never be missed.


The popularity of cycling in Dubai is on the rise. There are several safe areas to cycle in Dubai. The safe zones include Jumeirah Open Beach Track, Nad Al Sheba Cycle Path and Al Qudra Cycle Path. To encourage the sport, there is a 30 km cycling stretch in the Dubai desert with all world-class facilities.

Some other popular sports of Dubai are camel racing, Basketball, Badminton, Golf, Ice hockey, motor sports and weightlifting.

Kite Surfing In Dubai

Hello! I’m Tom


So you want to kitesurf?

You have come to the right place.

My quest is to get you up and kitesurfing. This site will help you prepare for your first kitesurfing lessons and help you to teach yourself to kitesurf after you have completed your lessons from a qualified instructor enhancing your experience in the water.

Don’t give up.

I will be sharing every bit of my 13 years of teaching/riding experience and endless passion for free!

A brief description about me, the author.

I am about to embark on my life long dream to kitesurf at all the best locations in the world and find new mind blowing spots, this is mainly being funded by my kitesurfing lessons and I want to document everything so I can help as many people with accurate and up to date information as well as record my experiences so I can remember this epic journey.

I am currently teaching in the UK and winter is fast approaching. The adventure begins in Langebaan, near Cape Town in South Africa where I plan to move on to (in no particular order and I am open to suggestions:) New Zealand, South America, Hawaii, SE Asia, The Caribbean, Polynesia, California, Canada and also the Alps and similar for obligatory snowkiting.

I have been kite surfing since almost the beginning, 1999 I was living in the endlessly windy Canary islands and I stumbled across power kites that could pick you up, a cult was formed of kite jumping and this inspired me to purchase a Flexifoil Super 10 Stacker in the hope of bounding across rivers and huge sand dunes in a single leap, ok so this wasnt the case, one large leap too many ending up to a trip to casualty and a broken leg. This was no good, there must be a better way to feed my new addiction – cue the dude I watched fly past my window while living in my seafront flat in Sandgate, Kent UK. My jaw dropped. Intermediately  thinking why  f*** didn’t I think of that? I was utterly inspired. It was a miserable rainy day, the sea looked awful and here was a guy having the time of his life, flying 40ft through the air and carving mushy waves into beautiful rooster tails. I decided there and then I was going to learn to kitesurf.

13 years on and my addiction is more uncontrollable than ever, you would of thought the novelty would of worn off wouldnt you? No chance, kitesurfing is the fastest growing sport in the world, its pace is gathering momentum as more people discover its freedom and it is moving in so many different directions. If you get bored of cruising, try some freestyle tricks, wave riding, old school big air, speed racing, wakestyle, downwind adventures, really I could go on and on. This sport is phenomenal. It is as exhilarating as you want to make it or as relaxed as a comfy chair with the best view in the world. It is all things to all men and women, which is pretty awesome in my humble opinion.

I started teaching back in 2007 and became a senior instructor for the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA) in 2009, I have recently qualified as an instructor for the International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) and get as much pleasure from helping newbies up on their boards as I do from boosting my own 40ft airs off the back of moving masses of water.

I will update regularly as I love what I do and want to share with you all the mistakes that I have made and all the tips and tricks I have learned from some amazing instructors to get you up and running as well as to try and inspire you and myself to mix it up and try new stuff, push out of our comfort zones continue progressing to stop us going stale and giving up.  As…..

Kitesurfing is life changing.

So sit back and relax.  I got your kitesurfing back covered. I really want you to get the most out of my site and experience the same joy, me and a few hundred thousand other people who call themselves kitesurfers get every time we have a “expression session”.

Please share all the cool stuff I post from other sites that are awesome, comment and ask me questions, I want to be of value to you, that is my goal.

See you on the water 🙂



KiteLab, Langebaan SA. The Best kiteschool in the southern hemisphere?

So having arrived in Cape town and taken the short but beautiful trip along the stunning wind and wave soaked road to Langebaan, I have finally made it to my chosen kite school, Kitelab and wow, am I happy to be here!

As you can see the location is breathtaking, easily the best place I have ever kited and I have been around! Greeted with great big smiles from business owner Alan,  Shaun who runs the shop and Lean one of Kitelabs instructor crew. the location of the shop and kitesurf center couldn’t be better located less than 50 meters from the main beach. The whole setup is super professional and 100% focused on providing customers with first class instruction that’s safe, fun and super informative. This is refreshing as many kite schools simply dont understand the importance of customer satisfaction or even customer service, making sure every student is 100% happy is Kitelabs priority.

The bay in Langebaan has something for everyone. Its a dream come true for learners and pros. This idyllic and somewhat sleepy village by the sea in West Coast national park comes alive from November through to April are all packed with wind addicts of all ages and nationalities and can you blame them with conditions like these?! Warm waters, super consistent winds, stunning surroundings and a fabulously cheap cost of living, this is kitesurfing paradise, for the record the last shark attack in these waters was in prehistoric times, no joke, you do not have anything to fear in Langebaan.

If you are interested in learning to kitesurf or you just want to come out and stay then you can contact me , let me know when you are planning to come and I can arrange accomadation, transfers as well as take your kitesurfing lessons in this awesome place.

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Welcome to the training grounds……………………………………


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